Jalyn’s Top Ten Trends for Spring 2014

1. Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket, in casual as well as luxurious fabrics, is the perfect piece to throw over just about anything, a skirt, jeans, a dress, pants….. you decide!

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2. Pink

Pinks in all shades from sheer blush to hot pink,as well as coral and rose, brighten up the palette in interesting constructions, prints, and fabrics….even sneakers.

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3. Sneakers

Women rejoice! Sneakers mean there is no sacrificing comfort for style. Whether flat or wedge heeled, sneakers are worn with everything and come in an array of colors, patterns, and textures.

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4. Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are not just for tourists but have been interpreted with sophistication to grace not only clothing but also handbags, suitcases and sneakers.

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5. Backpacks

These backpacks are not for hiking but for adding panache to any outfit.

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6. Pleats

Pleats give you ease, comfort and a swing with every step.

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7. Artistic Prints

Bold, splashy, kitschy, mod,  pop art, colorful–these prints are not for the timid, demonstrating the sometimes fine line between art and fashion.

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8. Athletic Streetwear

The allure of athletic wear inspired designers to treat gym staples like track pants, sweatshirts, and gym jackets to luxurious and interesting fabrics for outfits destined for the street and not the gym.

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9. Metallics

Not just for evening, metallics shine forth during the day as well, in all guises.

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10. Crisp shirt

Sometimes the simplest thing is the perfect touch. Case in point, a crisp shirt, white or colored, will finish off any outfit with polish and take you anywhere.

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