Jalyn’s Top Ten Trends for Spring 2017

1. One Shoulder Tops 

This spring the one shoulder styles join the ubiquitous all shoulders bared styles from past seasons and range from the casual to the dressy from denim to leather.

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2. Florals

Florals carryover from last spring and fall. Patterns range from the dark and moody to the light hearted and sunny. Some posies are embroidered, some adorn shoes, some on handbags, and some appear on necklaces.

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3. Trenchcoat

Always in fashion, the trench coat is the perfect spring outerwear. Tweaking of the classic details makes for unique styling, while prints and bright colors add variety to this must have item.

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4. Mini Bags

Mini bags are sometimes just the thing for your essentials. So give that huge tote a rest and feel the freedom of a mini.

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5. Pink

Pink in all shades and hues appear on all fronts. There is sure to be a shade for you.

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6. Ruffles and Flounces

Some trends never die and this is true of ruffles and flounces, always a perennial favorite.

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7. Slides and Mules

Slides and mules are a carryover from fall. Flat heels and block heels abound, along with the loafer style.

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8. Statement Sleeves

Tops erupt in big, bold, sleeves with myriad variations, bringing renewed interest to arms and elbows.

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9. Reinvented Shirting

The classic men’s shirting has been redefined with playful details, deconstruction, and whimsy. These shirts are definitely not too buttoned up.


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10. Stripes

Stripes are a welcome recurring trend and this season’s stripes are bold in bright, primary colors.

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Look for combinations of these trends, i.e. ruffles in pink with a floral print and a mini bag, or men’s shirting in bold stripes with one shoulder bare with a trench coat. Have some fun with the trends!

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