Jalyn’s Top Ten Trends for Fall 2017


  1. Pansuits and Menswear
  2. Sharply tailored suits are easy pieces to wear and so right for so many occasions. Just be sure yours still reads current if you excavate it from the back of your closet. If not, there are many stylish options this season. Some jackets and blazers are cut oversize, some are slouchy, some cut close and some are in primary colors. Rather than a white button down shirt, try a graphic tee.


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  2. 2.  Crimson hues
  3. Fall features a lineup of crimson hues, so look for a hue that flatters you. Head to toe red makes a statement. For the more understated, perhaps boots or sneakers in red, or use red as an accent in a scarf or clutch.


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    3. Plush coats

  2. What better way to feel cozy and warm than in a plush coat, perhaps in a bright color or pattern.

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  3. 4. Florals
  4. Floral prints are embroidered, woven into luxe fabrics, splashed across solid backgrounds, attached as embellishments, or found on statement boots.

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    5.  Corduroy

  5. Corduroy looks chic as pantsuits, especially in rich autumnal tones like mustard and burgundy. But corduroy also appears in the surprise of a pink trench and lavender blue suit.  Wide legged and flared pants offer an alternative from the workhorse skinnies. And who doesn’t love floral prints in corduroy?

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6. Folkloric and Chunky Sweaters

Patterned folkloric and fair isle sweaters offer a playful look paired with prints. Cozy sweaters are also oversized and chunky.

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7. Metallics

Metallics are not just for cocktail dresses but are also found in streetwear and athleisure wear, and they sparkle as boots. There is a definite disco ball look this season.

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8. Velvet

Velvet is always a welcome fall staple and this season, look for bold hues, like hot pink and gold, in addition to the usual neutrals like navy and black. Crushed velvet is making a resurgence.

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9. Slouchy Boots

Slouchy boots have a retro look both in knee high and in ankle boots and complement dresses and long skirts.

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10. Political Slogan tees

The fashion world is not immune from politics, as seen in the tees sporting political slogans.

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