Michel Léger, Paris Boutique, St. Germain-des-Prés

Happenstance led me to discover another designer, Michel Léger, while wandering around the Left Bank, on my way to Mariage Frères, where I sipped my favorite tea and nibbled on pastries.


Michel Léger greeted me warmly and enjoyed showing me his simple and unstructured separates in natural fabrics like silk, wool, linen and a beautiful high end synthetic with the drape of a wool crepe. These are easy to wear, throw on pieces that are both classic and elegant. The sizing is very generous and forgiving. Neutrals coordinated beautifully with prints and strong colors and helped them pop. There are complimentary scarves as well. Kyoko was the charming salesperson from Japan who helped me, and who confessed that her dream is to visit San Francisco!


The boutique is on the ground floor of a 17th century building in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, at 19 rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris 6th.

After shopping, you can rest your feet and have tea at the nearby Mariage Frères.




Reciproque, a consignment store disappointment


IMG_3947.jpgReciproque is the largest luxury designer consignment store in Paris, with over 7,500 square feet of sales space. It’s touted as the destination for designer bargains and not to be missed if you are a lover of fashion. I would have to demur and say, yes, it can be missed.

I trudged up to the 16th arrondissement with great anticipation.


I found rooms stuffed with tired, outdated designer stuff.



The prices were not that tempting. While it’s true that they are well stocked, (i.e. lots of Hermes scarves) Reciproque’s jammed packed inventory does not invite the thrill of the hunt but instead seemed like too much work. So after a cursory review of the goods, I left empty handed and disappointed.

I went across the street to see their luxury jewelry store, but again, was disappointed with the selections, which all seemed like costume jewelry.

Perhaps one needs to keep on checking back for fresh merchandise. It’s obvious that I will need to return to Paris to scout out other more promising consignment stores.

Jalyn’s Top Ten Trends for Fall 2018

1. Animal Prints

Animal prints make a bold resurgence, in leopard, tiger, zebra and snakeskin. Some prints are mixed for big impact and some are interpreted in bright colors. Add just a splash with accessories.

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2. Chunky Sneakers

Sneakers are over-sized with chunky soles. Some sport a kaleidoscope of colors. Proving their versatility, sneakers have become de rigueur for many occasions and are paired with many outfits, including skirts and dresses.

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3. 80s Redux

Big shoulders, pleated trousers, black leather, exaggerated shapes, mini dresses, electric hues, disco fever! It’s the 80s redux with a vengeance.

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4. Plaid

Plaid returns as a fall classic in sharply tailored blazers, jackets, and coats. Plaid in boots and handbags provide a nice polish to any outfit.

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5. Neon colors

Neon is popping up everywhere this fall, from sweaters to gowns. There is head to toe neon as well as accents. Small doses of neon can be grounded by neutrals for the faint of heart.

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6. Sparkle

Whether you pair a chunky sweater with a sequined skirt or rock a metallic suit or dress, this trend is sure to make you stand out.

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7. Accordion pleated skirts

Accordion pleated skirts highlight the feminine. Whether paired with a blazer, blouse or a sweater, they display lasting appeal.

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8. Shaggy coats

Shaggy coats make quite a statement this season. Some designers eschewed the real for the faux without sacrificing the statement.

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9. Folklore inspired

This trend is a big umbrella that includes folkloric prints as well as western styles and runs the gamut from casual sweaters to feminine dresses and evening wear. Some gowns have a fairy tale like quality and there is even a Lady and the Unicorn print skirt. Add accessories into the mix.

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10. Ankle grazing skirts

Skirts are longer for fall, hitting right above the ankles, in various styles and materials, but all nicely elongating of your frame.

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