Jalyn’s Top Ten Trends Fall 2019

  1. Statement Coats

Sleek, smart coats are sculptural and arresting.

2. Top Handled Satchels

Top handled satchels add polish to any outfit and are both practical and ladylike.

3. Flared Pants

As an alternative to the skinny pants, flared pants are cropped or longer, with a higher waist, and appear in suits as well as casual jeans.

4. Statement Pearls

Baroque and big, not as demure as your grandmother’s strand of pearls, these pearls make a statement.

5. Dark Florals

Dark Florals are both feminine and strong, in dresses, pants, or as accents pieces in shoes and purses.

6. Head to Toe Brights

Fall trends make statements and what bigger statement than bright colors from head to toe to brighten up those darker days.

7. Square Toed Shoes

After the pointed toe and the round toe, we now welcome square toed shoes.

8. Novelty Knits

Designers played with patterns like the fair isle and intarsia, along with textures and cables for a fresh and fun take on a fall standard.

9. Strong Suits

There is an undeniable ease to wearing a suit. Suits this season lose that corporate look and are sharply tailored, while maintaining an easy flow. Some suits are brightly colored, some in luxurious fabrics, some are paired with skirts and culottes.

10. Knee High Boots

Knee high boots pair effortlessly with the longer skirts and culottes, with choices of heel, from flat to stiletto to chunky.

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