Moon Young Hee, fashion designer in Paris

img_4999Happenstance is a wonderful way to discover a fashion designer. I had just popped in to the Dries van Noten boutique along the Seine, on my way to the Musee d’Orsay, when a  window display in a boutique made me stop in my tracks! The boutique’s name is Moon Young Hee, and it is right across from the Louvre, on the Left Bank. The rough hewn walls, warm polished floors and minimalist design complemented her clothing.



Moon Young Hee is a Parisian-based designer, originally from Korea, who studied French Literature in college because there was no costume design department. By moving to Paris several decades ago, she realized her dream to become a fashion designer.

I was taken with the folding, layering, and draping of many of her garments, which are sometimes frayed and deconstructed. We share a love for asymmetry. While avant-garde, her garments also prove to be wearable and feminine. Her fall 2018 line was just arriving in the boutique, but I was able to view some of her spring 2018 line.

Here are some pieces from her Ready to Wear Spring 2018 collection.

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Here is a sampling of her Ready to Wear Fall 2018  collection, with a bit more color and a few prints, stripes, plaids, and textures.

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Moon Young Hee doesn’t speak English and my French is rudimentary, but her lovely salesperson, Marianne, served as translator. Though an appreciation for beautiful design and a love for fashion transcend language barriers.








Jalyn’s Top Ten Trends for Spring 2018

  1. Pastels

Pastels strongly signal spring, with pink leading the pack. Look for an array of sherbet colors like sky blue, lilac, blush, in everything from suits to sneakers.

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  1. Belt Bags

Yes, we called them fanny packs, but renamed as belt bags they now grace many a chic outfit. No longer just in utilitarian nylon, belt bags are in luxe fabrics like velvet as well as leather, and some are embellished. They can be worn three ways:  loosely slug over the hips, cinched at the waist, or thrown across a shoulder. Whichever way you choose, they leave you hands free with street savvy style.

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  1. Florals

Florals never seem to disappear but have become like a true garden perennial! Every season has a fresh interpretation. If you seek to limit your garden exposure, you can find florals in shoes, jewelry, and handbags as well.

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  1. Denim

Denim is not only ubiquitous but has apostheosized into various haute incarnations. The workman denim jacket has been reimagined into interesting variations. Head to to denim is once again de rigeur.

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  1. Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves grab the spotlight and are ruffled, ruched, pleated, poufed, sheer,  and designed to garner attention.

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  1. Metallics

There is a disco beat to some of the metallic pieces this spring. If this is too retro for you, there are ways to incorporate metallics with accessories that don’t scream dance floor flash.

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  1. Trench Coats

Who doesn’t love a classic trench coat? But designers have tweaked the classic for some arresting interpretations.

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  1. Ruffles

Ruffles make a return appearance and can be found in fresh prints, bold colors, and dynamic patterns.

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  1. Saturated colors

Maybe pastels do nothing for you. Don’t worry. This season, you can opt for bright, saturated colors instead.

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  1. Colored Denim

Incorporating three trends in one is the last trend, Colored Denim. You can find pastel denims as well as bright denims.

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